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Our Mission

The mission of Imagine Idaho is to educate, coalesce and leverage community leadership throughout the state to deploy significant federal and state funding for broadband-communications infrastructure in a pro-competitive way to unserved and underserved Idaho. Imagine Idaho’s ultimate goal is increased broadband access that allows all Idahoans to live, learn and work anywhere in our great state.

Imagine Idaho has a coalition of community, civic leaders, and service providers who are dedicated to ensuring that every Idahoan has access to reliable and affordable broadband.  Imagine Idaho is committed to ensuring Idaho communities and citizens have the support they need to build sound, future proof broadband infrastructure and last mile connectivity to homes. Now with state and federal funding, and a growing awareness of the issues, we can achieve solutions and finally get Idaho connected.  From education, telemedicine, and precision agriculture to post-secondary training and education and more, Imagine Idaho is the key resource to ensure success for Idahoans.

The Coalition

Imagine Idaho has assembled a powerful and growing group of community leaders from across the state including the Idaho Hospital Association, the Idaho Regional Optical Network, the Port of Lewiston, the Association of Idaho Cities, economic development groups, local elected officials, businesses and citizens.  The coalition continues to grow daily with Idaho leaders joining regularly to help support the goal of increased broadband in Idaho. For more information contact Christina Culver christina@imagineidaho.org.

“The benefits of increased broadband access in Idaho are numerous including economic benefits, educational benefits, telemedicine benefits and much more. The members of Imagine Idaho are deeply committed to helping find policy solutions that will increase broadband access in their communities and allow Idahoans to live, learn and work anywhere in our great state.”
- Kelley Packer, Executive Director, Association of Idaho Cities
"Improving Idaho’s broadband access is a major priority of Governor Little. Imagine Idaho is committed to working closely with the Governor and all Idaho policy makers to bring more broadband to our state and improve the quality of life of all Idahoans."
- Brian Whitlock, President/CEO, Idaho Hospital Association

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Imagine Idaho Coalition Members

Logo for the Idaho School Board Association
City of Mountain Home
Mayor Rich Sykes
Mountain Home City Mayor
Tommy Ahlquist
Todd Lindsey
Tim Wolff
Christine and Melvin Frei
Carey - Picabo Chamber of Commerce
City of Driggs
Mayor Hyrum F. Johnson
Driggs City Mayor
City of Ammon
Clearwater Economic Development Association
City of Emmett
Mayor Gordon W. Petrie
Emmett City Mayor
West Central Mountains Economic Development Council
Mayor Sean Coletti
Ammon City Mayor
City of Rexburg
Mayor Jerry Merrill
Rexburg City Mayor
Mayor Rebecca Casper
Idaho Falls City Mayor
City of Lewisville
The Idaho Press, LLC
College of Western Idaho
Idaho Chamber Alliance
Lewiston Tribune
Valley County
Butch Alford
College of Eastern Idaho
Evoca TV
Carrie Pillar
Safelink Internet
Race Communications
TruLeap Technologies
Bill Larson
Treasure Valley Partnership
Mayor Marc Carroll
Blackfoot City Mayor
City of Blackfoot
123 Decal
Nez Perce County
Landon Enterprises
Anthem Broadband
Trish Hartzell
Gail Long
Silver Valley Economic Development Corp.
EntryPoint LLC
Eric Stevens
All West Communications
Portman Square Group
Toni Sutton
St Germaine Enterprises LLC
White Cloud Communications
Keller Associates
City of McCall
Larry Eisenstat
Silver Star Communications
Wilderness Wireless Powered by CTC
Blockit Inc

In the News

Let’s take access to broadband seriously.

People are moving to Idaho in record numbers, and I don’t blame them. Who wouldn’t want to live in a place where outdoor recreation in pristine forests, mountains, rivers and lakes is easily accessible?

Imagine Idaho Foundation launches state-wide internet speed-testing campaign

Imagine Idaho Foundation will conduct a state-wide internet speed-testing campaign. Data from the campaign will be mapped by GEO Map™.

New Coalition, Imagine Idaho, sets goal of improving broadband throughout the state

Community leaders from across Idaho have joined together to launch an effort called Imagine Idaho. This effort is aimed at increasing awareness of the importance of broadband throughout our state.

Digital Divide: Biggest Educational Obstacle

There are many challenges of online learning, from struggling to understand assignments to getting easily distracted. Now add into the mix not having reliable internet or no internet access at all.

Invest in Better Broadband

Can anything good come out of a national crisis like Covid-19? On the whole, no. Nevertheless, Lessons Learned do arise for consideration.

Idaho Farmers will Benefit from Increased Broadband

Just like every other business, Idaho farmers rely on modern technology to help them be successful. The backbone of the technology needed to run a business like a farm is reliable broadband service that provides for high-speed internet access.

Reliable Broadband will Increase Economic, Education, and Telehealth Benefits

When it comes to the topic of broadband, most of us recognize that broadband connectivity is a foundation for economic growth, job creation, global competitiveness, and a better way of life.

Increased Broadband Access Brings Greater Telehealth Access

This last year, healthcare providers have turned to telehealth as a solution to reach patients for healthcare needs. Sadly, telehealth isn’t much of a solution to rural communities lacking access to broadband internet.

Rural Communities Need Reliable Broadband

In a data-driven society, reliable broadband access is no longer a luxury, it is a lifeline. Nevertheless, it is estimated that 250K Idahoans have limited or no access to broadband.

A Pro-Competitive Approach Will Help Idaho’s Ability to Expand Broadband Infrastructure

As many businesses are now allowing employees to work from home, this opportunity is not available to many rural Idahoans who lack access to high-speed internet.

With Federal Broadband Funding Opportunities Coming, Idaho Must Prepare to get Its Fair Share

Much like the rest of rural America, Idaho faces connectivity, reliability, and affordability problems with broadband. More than ever, access to broadband for remote learning, remote work, and telehealth are paramount.

Broadband Would Make Telehealth More Accessible

Telehealth has become a key method for patients to receive health care in their homes without spending time and money on traveling to the nearest healthcare facility.

Dependable Broadband Communication is Required for Many of the Daily Tasks of Modern Living, Especially in Education

If there is one thing to learn from this coronavirus epidemic, it’s that dependable broadband communication is essential and required for many of the daily tasks of modern living, especially in education.

Broadband Development Strategies and Planning

I am a computer engineer who has worked from my home office for 17 years. Last year, CenturyLink installed fiber-optic internet within 1/2 mile of my cabin, which is in the middle of nowhere outside Placerville, Idaho.