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Idaho Farmers will Benefit from Increased Broadband

By Nick Robinson

Just like every other business, Idaho farmers rely on modern technology to help them be successful. The backbone of the technology needed to run a business like a farm is reliable broadband service that provides for high-speed internet access. Increased access to reliable broadband service enables farmers to use modern technology to more efficiently and effectively raise their crops, helping Idaho farmers stay in business. Of greater importance to Idaho farmers, however, is future generations of our kids. By increasing access to reliable high-speed internet through increased broadband infrastructure, we can help rural Idaho kids to stay in or come back to Idaho, allowing them to have the lives and careers they deserve from wherever they live.

Idaho is the 39th most connected state in the U.S. and ranked the third slowest average internet speeds in the nation. Bridging this digital divide is necessary for Idaho farmers to stay in business and keep Idaho kids right here in Idaho. Many community leaders have come together to launch Imagine Idaho, an effort designed at increasing awareness of the importance of broadband and promoting policies that help Idaho's ability to expand broadband infrastructure in a pro-competitive way. I encourage others to join this important effort to ensure that every Idahoan has access to reliable broadband that will allow all Idahoans to live, learn and work anywhere in our great state.

Nick Robinson