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Digital Divide: Biggest Education Obstacle

By Laura Johnson

There are many challenges of online learning, from struggling to understand assignments to getting easily distracted. Now add into the mix not having reliable internet or no internet access at all. Online learning is only available to children that have access to a broadband connection at home that is fast enough to support online learning. The rural broadband gap is one of the biggest educational obstacles for rural communities and has major consequences for students and their future. Despite being just as capable and ready to learn, rural students are falling behind their peers in the digital age due to a lack of access to high-speed internet.

Community leaders from Idaho have joined together to launch an effort called Imagine Idaho. Their effort is aimed at increasing awareness of the importance of broadband and serving Idaho communities by helping promote policies that help their ability to deploy broadband-communications infrastructure in a pro-competitive way. Helping the students of Idaho get connected requires innovation and the support of local communities, and Imagine Idaho is working to do just that. The opportunity to live, learn and work anywhere in Idaho should be available to all who call this great state our home.

Laura Johnson