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Are you tired of slow or no internet? Show us by taking part in our internet speed-testing campaign! Idaho stands to receive close to $1 BILLION in federal grant funding for broadband infrastructure projects that will get Idahoans connected once and for all. Idaho must first show the number of unserved and underserved residents so the State can submit an award-winning grant application with an accurate picture of our broadband needs. That is why Imagine Idaho Foundation is conducting a statewide internet speed-testing campaign in partnership with Breaking Point Solutions, LLC, a geospatial engineering and optimization company serving rural America. Thanks to our generous donors and coalition members' help, we can now collect this critical information to support the Idaho Broadband Advisory Board and Idaho Department of Commerce, Office of Broadband. We are conducting this speed testing campaign to help the State of Idaho bring affordable and reliable internet to all Idahoans.

How does a speed test work?
Enter your GPS location or the address where you are taking the test below and click "Let's Do It". Unless you enter an address with no available service, the address you enter should be where you are right now. All information collected is confidential and will include your location, service provider, upload and download speeds, and the cost of service.